CLE: Erasmus days in Sliač

For the second time, our school has joined the European ErasmusDays initiative. This initiative, which takes place across Europe (this year from 15 to 17 October 2020), seeks to promote the potential of the Erasmus + programme throughout Europe, even beyond. Slovakia joined ErasmusDays for the second time and the common goal was to raise the profile of both the Erasmus + programme and successful educational institutions in Europe! Any institution that has implemented an Erasmus + project could be involved in the initiative and would like to help spread the vision of the programme and share their own experiences. 

We also shared ours. We are a successful educational institution that has received an eTwinning certificate and a prize in the European Language label 2020 competition for the implementation of projects in the Erasmus + programme.

Although the coronavirus situation affected our Erasmus activities, many of the planned mobilities did not take place and the projects were extended by half a year or a year,  we did not stop implementing project activities into school life. We continue to fulfill the goals of the projects and we try to learn as much as possible.

During the selected lessons, the pupils could learn about our projects in the Erasmus + programme through discussions with the pupils who took part in the mobility, who hosted foreign students at home, who worked on project activities. They shared their experiences with others (unforgettable as well as less pleasant ones to give objective opinion), talked about the benefits of participating in activities that Erasmus gave them. They answered the curious questions of their classmates. They explained to them that Erasmus is not just about traveling, but mainly about getting to know each other, gaining new knowledge and competences, experiences and, last but not least, friendships and memories. In addition to the pupils, parents and teachers also shared their experiences with the Erasmus project. Pupils could take part in a quiz and win a few small prizes, they used tbrainstorming to express what Erasmus means to them and prepared word clouds on the notice board and decorated the balloons with words connected to Erasmus. All students heard a broadcast on the school radio about the meaning and purpose of the ErasmusDays event. Photos from the mobilities carried out in the last school year were projected in the entrance hall. The teachers presented 4 projects that we currently have at the school, their goals and focus. In addition to them, a new project called e4L - energy for life started this school year. The project focuses on the energy we draw from the environment and our cultural heritage and the importance of protecting both. The coordinating school is a low secondary school in the town of Dunkirk in France (where we participated in mobility in 2019), the partner schools are from Guadeloupe, Greece and Italy (Sicily). We believe that after the end of the pandemic, our students will be able to travel and join Erasmus learning activities again and acquire and develop the competencies necessary for their further study and personal growth.

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