Pupils of our School Club Pramienok regularly visit pensioners in the Amicus Home for the Elderly, which is located near the school. They often come up with a varied programme and make their moments more enjoyable. Even at this difficult time, they did not forget about them. Since they cannot visit them, they have prepared a remote programme for them as part of the Month of Respect for the Elderly, entitled We Honor You - Autumn of Life. The prepared the music, dances, songs, different papercraft greetings and a video.  We believe that they were pleased with our video and performance. Pupils also shared this activity for partner schools in the E4L project within the Erasmus + programme.

The activity was prepared to learn the importance of heritage in cultural, linguistic and historical area, to motivate students to spend time with grand parents, to overcome the generation gap, to improve social competences and to promote the importance of being active and responsible citizens.

The aim of the project is to develop social and civic competencies in students, to respect the life and values ​​of our parents and grandparents, to devote their time to them so that they do not feel abandoned. You know a fairy tale about three groschen, don't you?


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