The students carried out ten workshop sessions to discover the practice of theatre, while reflecting on the themes of our E4L project around the circulation of information (including the danger of fake news on the theme of climate and the environment) in contemporary globalized society.

The actor gave them the text of the transcript of a program explaining fake news to young people on the internet: work of reading aloud and cutting the text (this step allowed the acquisition of historical and sociological knowledge).

The students also offered their own examples of fake news, chosen after conducting personal research. Some words were written on signs, shown at certain times of the show. Each student had to do a big work of memorization of his text.

They have developed together a staging integrating a montage of sounds (voice, various music punctuating the staging). The tone chosen was that of satire, committed humor.  

Costume elements (props, wigs, jackets) were used, as well as a speaker's desk, to get them to work on the interpretation, in a humorous register. Students have acquired knowledge, built their personal opinions, deconstructed stereotypes, developed their critical thinking.

The restitution in front of an audience took place on the stage of the Dunkirk theater, in front of the families and partners of the Jean Bart high school. We also made a video recording directed by a professional videographer: Fabien Soret. They replayed the show on a stage, in front of their classmates and the adults of the school at the end of the year. These 3 artistic moments made it possible to value the students' investment, making them proud of their work.

SEC Theater Fake News “Qui croire”
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