The activity was focused on Biology, dramatics and foreign language. A teacher had prepared names of several animals. The students, individually, came to the board and used pantomime to imitate the animal. They could use sounds, jump and the like. When the class was not sure, they asked the YES/NO questions.

The students were really active and they liked the activity. They had a great fun, laughed and they also practiced making English questions. The  moving in action and creative method of drama made the lesson more interesting and pupils were more into the action. Pantomime is a good way to learn how to help develop nonverbal communication, concentration, and the ability to put action and thought together.

Then they divided the animals into several categories and talked especially about those species which are endangered. Only by protecting those species we can help them survive. 

CLE: Guess the actionCLE: Guess the action
CLE: Guess the action
CLE: Guess the actionCLE: Guess the action
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